5G/LTE and Wi-Fi 6 Wireless Network designs customized and optimized to drive excellent service and unique use cases

  • Assessment
  • Use Cases
  • IT Network Integration
  • Coverage & Capacity Design
  • Network Element Selection
  • Presentation for Approval


Experienced certified installation technicians will deliver best-in-class networks in the shortest amount of time.

  • Scheduling & Milestones
  • IT/OT Engagement
  • AP Implementation
  • Local Break Out Integration
  • Cloud Management Integration (vEPC, SAS, EMS)
  • SIM & Device Initiation, Policies, QoE and QoS

Managed Services

Ballast is your operating partner from Day One to ensure the power of your network is fully leveraged and operational.

  • Continuous:
    • Integration with your IT Network
    • SIM and Subscriber Management
    • Cloud Services (vEPC, SAS, EMS)
    • 24x7x365 Network Operations
  • API’s and Business Operations Systems Management and Integration
  • Portal for Activity & Reports
  • Feedback Loop for Changes/Improvements
  • Upgrade and Network Refresh Management