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The 5G Frequently Asked Questions document has been released and published and is available at:

The FAQ was created for the Hospitality and Sports & Entertainment industry to provide a succinct and understandable document for a foundational knowledge in 5G. From 5G’s origins, publishing organizations and standards through to why 5G and what is new and good for the industry. The presentation chosen as a FAQ is to enable a reader to quickly find sections that interest them as a start or support the avid reader to soak it all in – including an extensive glossary.

Ballast was and still is actively involved in the 5G Workgroup through our CTO Russell Vest.

Some key subject area covered in the FAQ are:

  • Many new business models will be made possible with 5G networks
  • Venue owners need to plan for cellular and Wi-Fi networks and how they work together and understand the expected future growth of network needs
  • Venues should also be aware of Hotspot 2.0 to ensure Wi-Fi networks bridge the gap to 4G and 5G networks
  • Venues that incorporate 5G technology applications can create a significant advantage over competitors
  • Technologies driving new use cases
    • Network Slicing, URLLC & MEC – enabling multiple secure and separate virtual networks on the same infrastructure that serve different use cases (team, press, F&B, …). Example applications:
    • Wearable biometric devices
    • Game – fan/guest real-time interaction
    • E-sport game extensions
    • Point-of-Sale for food and beverage and merchandise
    • AR & VR game extensions
    • Team communications
    • Multimedia communication for operations (beyond two-way)
    • Wireless security systems
  • Multi-Gigabit wireless transport enabling Business Continuity:
    • POS devices – faster credit card processing
    • Nomadic information displays
  • MEC – completely secure, on-premise big-data storage & fast-data action:
    • Hyper-personalization of Fan interaction
    • Resource management, real-time policy management – fraud detection resolution
    • Real-time billing


Have a read and enjoy the document. Please let HTNG know you enjoy the document and their industry-leading standards and best practices initiatives.