Private Network Evolution

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Private Network Evolution

Private Network Evolution

Data – Voice – Roaming – 5G


Private LTE (pLTE) networks are an excellent solution to carry the data traffic of mission-critical communications but without native voice capabilities, the end user experience will be suboptimal to traditional Carrier networks. We believe the first iteration of pLTE is a data network that provides connectivity for devices ranging from high definition camera video streams, over-the-top (OTT) voice/video, and data-offload, along with Internet of Things (IoT) sensors and edge devices.

The first evolution of pLTE networks will enable the addition of voice over LTE (VoLTE), Rich Communications Services (RCS) and cloud-based network services to the existing network. The second evolution will enable roaming and interoperability with Mobile Network Operators (MNO) for smartphone equipped users (with the appropriate chipsets).  The network will also be designed to accommodate 5G Network Core elements for additional products and services for the enterprise.

Data Network

The initial pLTE networks will be data-only solutions deployed for the benefit of the enterprise.  The product will enable secure mobile connectivity complete with control of what, who, when, where and how the network operates.  This secure network will be independent of and compatible with the MNOs.


  • Carrier-grade security
  • Enhanced connectivity
  • Cost Savings and Potential for Incremental Revenue
  • MNO & MVNO data-offload
  • Interference/Contention-free
  • Voice & Video via OTT applications
  • Policy setting enforcement and assurance
  • End-to-End- data ownership
  • Service grouping, P2T, PBX integration
  • Building processes and mobile integration
  • Identity, billing and massive data management
  • QoS and QoE control

Data to Mobile Evolution

Private LTE Networks will evolve into a complete mobile network solution designed and deployed for the benefit of the enterprise. The evolution to native mobile services will provide secure cellular connectivity, on and off premise, complete with control of what, who, when, where and how the network operates. The pLTE Mobile Network is a network independent of and interoperable with the MNOs.

Benefits in Addition to a Data-Only Network:

  • Connectivity roaming with MNOs & MVNOs
  • Cost Savings and Potential for Incremental Revenue
  • Interference/Contention-free
  • Native VoLTE & RCS Services

Mobile Roaming Evolution

Private LTE Data Networks provide the foundational data-only network in your venue to further deploy new business enhancing features. VoLTE and RCS services can be provided via cloud-based service sessions which will increase personnel and workflow capabilities. This enhancement adds native voice and video services to your enabled users while on premise thus improving the smartphone user/guest/visitor experience. The service sessions are based on the 4G and 5G Standards IP Multimedia Systems (IMS) structure used by MNO’s, but now are offered to the enterprise.

The next step in the network evolution is MNO and pLTE roaming which creates full network interoperability.  MNO roaming is enabled by the VoLTE and RCS capabilities added to the foundational network and the pLTE-to-MNO interface advancements made by the CBRS Alliance. The transition to pLTE Mobile Networks enables smartphone users with an existing MNO account to have full interoperability creating seamless roaming between the outdoor MNO network and venue pLTE network.


5G is best described as an end-to-end network hierarchy to be delivered in waves over a 3 to 5-year period. The initial 5G wave addresses the new radio (5G NR) with the Alliance releasing the CBRS 5G NR technical standard for private network applications. Successive waves involve the 5G Next Generation Core (NG Core) to deliver mission critical services as the second, and massive IoT by the third wave. The NG Core, being the heart/brain of the 5G network, is largely an automated software and policy-controlled web of elements delivering customization and unique services on the fly.